There will be time when one loses his / her grasp of reality.

And that

is when the stalking madness drives its teeth through the skull.

It injects your brains with its poison.

It sucks out the logic and turns the ones you love into malformed beasts.

They hunt you


The food you eat is not safe

The water you drink is toxic

The land you walk on is booby trapped

The darkness you see has its eyes on you


You run through the cold plains and over the gallant mountains.

You journey through continents searching for one bit of love that could save you.

Kindness and warmth.

Someone who could make you remember reality once more.

You stumble upon a forest.

You hear birds singing in the trees.

You see the morning dew shining from the leafs.

You hear your name being called.

Gentle and soft voice.

You turn your head.

" It's her ".


She waves at you.

You wave her back.

She smiles and starts running at you.

You smile back and open your arms for her.

She jumps at you.

Her smooth hands


Her smooth hands slide on your throat.

She starts choking you.

You are gasping for air.

Birds that sang now reveal their true form.

Trees turn into poison ivy.

Leafs are covered with drops of blood that color the forest in crimson.

You beat the air with your fists.

Your lungs are screaming for it.

Adrenaline rushes to the final battle.

Your heart is heavy.

Your muscles give up.

Your eyes gaze at sun.

You just stare at it.

And stare.

and stare