You will never experience life to its fullest if you don't break down your life to pieces. Tear it down with might, strike it to the depths of the sea! Drown it with your sorrow and seal its fate with the everlasting pain and suffering. Yeah, it's all that and more what comes between the space we've already lost to our weak minded heirlooms. We are nothing more then dogs barking at the cat who can jump over the moon and devastate planets once full of rich life. We are sparrows flying until we lose our minds and vanish into the endless sky. We are clouds broken by smooth wind and cast aside by more important factors in our small play of ballet. We are the filth that we want never to see again. Break it down to pieces. Live life to its fullest. Cast aside all worry and human limitations. Be the God you once thought excisted and avenge the death of those dear to you. Kill to be killed in the race to throne. Death is your sky without the clouds. Your cat without dogs. Your life with it's pieces.